Ravenscroft Studio ( Venue 390 )

Unique opportunity to visit Edinburgh artist in situ.

View work both complete and in process.

Talk personally with the artist.

Refreshments provided.
Dates, times and costs in August 2017:
  • Tues 8 : 13.00-1600 : £15
  • Mon 21 : 13.00-16.00 : £15
  • If these times are not convenient and you would like to arrange a visit, please contact Ruth on 0131 672 1017.
    (Cost of ticket deducted from any purchase of original work)

Visiting the artist

Unique, limited opportunity to visit Edinburgh artist in situ. View work - both complete and in process. Talk personally to the artist. Refreshments provided. Entry fee discounted off a purchase of original artwork.

Ruth is a painter and sculptor living and working in Edinburgh. Her work is generally figure-based and quite stylised. During the Fringe she is inviting the public into her studio-workspace on the outskirts of the city where they can talk to her personally about her work, her methods, her lifestyle...

In this intimate and rarely viewed setting, she invites you to have a glass of wine or coffee and a snack and relax into a different world - the world of creativity and production.

As an added bonus the ticket cost can be subtracted from the purchase of any original painting or sculpture and there are also other works: calendars, greetings cards, postcards, and giclée prints for sale.

Here are some words from Ruth herself:
"The most meaningful part of the experience of visual art is often the part that cannot be put into words. One can talk about the subject matter and my subject matter generally comes from moments of everyday life that I would hope most people could recognise, with a strong undercurrent of reference - homage of a sort - to the family of image-makers to which as an artist I feel I belong. One can also talk about style: I am fascinated by style and use different styles according to the piece I am working on. A couple of phrases from the wonderful 'Letter to a Woman Painter' by Max Beckmann describe well my feelings about the world of image-making: art as a 'disciplined intoxication' and 'the fantasy palace of art', that palace within us which allows us to escape the confines of the external and create new worlds."

For visitors to Edinburgh, this experience will give an insight into the art world of the city - and all visitors are encouraged to extend their visit to the area and discover a different part of the city - see local places of interest, below.